Blindsight now free to read at The Colored Lens

You can read my short story “Blindsight” free here

The Colored Lens #10 Winter 2014

The Weaver Published in Nebula Rift Magazine

I’m happy to announce my short story “The Weaver” has been published in Nebula Rift Magazine.

This is the first of two recent accepted stories. “The Quiet Death” will be published sometime soon by Stupefying Stories. Can’t wait for that one.

Here’s a short excerpt of “The Weaver”

I stood in the shadow of the Weaver and blinked against the distorted air surrounding its body of solid black flesh.

I tried to focus on The Real – riveted metallic walls and high ceilings of the disused aircraft hangar. In the far corner a rusted space shuttle sagged under its own weight, its belly flat against the floor. It looked tired, heartbroken even.

My muscles tightened as the creature shifted position. I clasped both hands across my swollen belly, instinctively protecting my unborn children. ‘Leave me alone,’ I shouted. My voice carried fierce feelings of anger, momentarily shadowing my terror.

I tried to discern where The Weaver’s mass separated from the impossible angles of the Other-real. Assaulted by vertigo, I teetered on the sheer face of the Otherverse – I’d never been so close before. Here, on the edge, my mind pulled and contorted against the incomprehensible spaces between realities. My sanity balanced dangerously close to a bottomless lake of madness.

You can buy the magazine in ebook or PDF format directly from the publisher:

The cover has some nice artwork as well. Check it out.

Blindsight Published in The Colored Lens

New short fiction story just published in The Colored Lens. Check it out here:



Beam Me Up Podcast

This is a first for me, Beam Me Up Podcast has audio published a story I wrote a few years ago called “D.A.V.E.” The first three chapters are on this weeks episode – (it starts at around the 45min mark). Watch out for the next instalment next week. It’s interesting to hear it read aloud. I think Paul Cole captured the dark / lonely tone very well.

Anyway, if you fancy listening to the first part you can download it here:

In other writing related news, I received another HM from Writers of the Future Contest. This is my fourth. And I have a story pending final round at Drabblecast, which will be awesome if it gets accepted.

You can check out my other new story, “I, Rage,” at The Speculative Edge:

Review of “Nit” by Charles Brass



This short story was impossible to put down. Charles Brass is an expert at creating suspense in this richly drawn portrayal of an author, Gina, and her downward spiral into darkness. She is living alone after her sister moved out to be with her boyfriend. Gina becomes obsessed with her nit, a missing word from her latest story. With the submission deadline fast approaching, her obsessive nature builds and builds and with no one to ground her we follow her refracted logic to a conclusion that’s, shall we say, surprising and darkly satisfying.

Charles Brass has an easy and effective writing style. In this story, there is just one character and very little dialogue. For me, it added to the oppressive atmosphere.

Gina’s “nit” is so much more than a missing word. It represents an important part of her that’s missing. Perhaps a part that Gina’s sister had kept at bay before she moved out of their apartment. It represents a gap in her sanity that when left untended it develops, matures, and eventually distorts her reality.

All in all a very good read.

For more information, free excerpts, and to purchase a copy, follow this link:

“Mad World” published in Jupiter SF Magazine Issue 40 – Mneme


I was very happy to receive my copy of Jupiter Magazine – Mneme in the post this weekend. My latest story “Mad World” is included. You can buy a subscription directly from the publisher here or in digital format from Amazon.

Shadow of the Rain Catchers – read the entire story free on ReadWave



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Alien Apocalypse – The Hunger on Readwave

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D.A.V.E. Staff Picks at Readwave

Readwave is a website where authors can upload their stories for free. It’s easy to share on social networks and the comments sections allow readers to give feedback. There are options for becoming a ‘fan’ of your favourite authors, or to just ‘like’ a particular story.

I tried it recently and was pleasantly surprised by the website’s simple eye catching design. There are some really great authors posting stories in every genre you can think of.

It’s a great concept and I’m happy to be part of the growing population of authors.

Here’s a link to my short story D.A.V.E. which just found its way into Readwave’s staff picks.

Hope you enjoy.

Shadow of the Rain Catchers Free at The Colored Lens


My story ‘Shadow of the Rain Catchers’ is now available for free at The Colored Lens website.



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