Being the best at everything… really?

Life is a balance right? That’s what we’re always taught from a young age. Get the balance right and we will be fulfilled – or something like that. I reckon that’s great advice, but very difficult in practice.

I think most people have several important parts to their lives. In my case I have a young family, my wife Emma, and my two children ages 2.5 and 0.3. Alongside I own a business jointly with my father which I work at fulltime. I train in boxing and kickboxing several times a week. I also like to write. Throw in an Open University course and playing Xbox and those 24 hours in a day seem pretty short. TV watching and early nights don’t really get a look-in anymore.

If you’re anything like me then you want to be the best (or at least the best you can be) at your chosen activity. This means constant training and constant improvement. Sadly it’s simply not possible to be at the top of our game at everything, at one time. Perhaps the answer is to rotate: have a selected activity that we focus on for a month at a time, and then rotate.

Maybe I should spend next month taking the children to the zoo, and the farm every day, and cook a three course meal for the wife every night. Then, the following month, I’ll drop the family and get up at 5am every morning for a four mile jog, followed by sparring at the gym, lunch, and an early night. Then the next month I’ll do nothing but write… you get the idea.

I reckon it might a bad one though.

Although I do think there is an element of truth to the above. Of course family and work must always come first, but other aspects could be balanced in such a way that our focus moves from one activity to the other in a cycle – keeping it fresh. The body requires variation of stimulation to grow stronger. We get used to routine in training, and eventually we adapt to our schedule. In order to get fitter we must always think of new inventive ways to train, stimulating different muscle groups, mixing up the activities. Perhaps the mind works in a similar way, and by rotating our ‘hobby’ focus we could find the balance we were promised. And we can be the best at everything.

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