Alien Apocalypse… it’s coming

The end is near!

Extensive research into doomsday predictions points towards a couple of likely scenarios that could end the world as we know it1. Maybe we will be wiped out by a natural disaster like an asteroid impact where only a handful of humans will survive. Those few survivors will immediately revert into savage animals and become cannibals and sex crazed rapists. Obvious so far I hear you say?

The next logical step would be the rise of the crows. Having sensed the impending disaster the crows would have built underground nests of lead they stole from unsuspecting humans. They will emerge into a world of black skies, flattened cities, and savage cannibal humans. Next they will seize control of the remaining nuclear power stations and expose themselves to high levels of radiation. This will improve their brain power by 100% and mutate their small crooked bodies into huge flying dragon-birds with very long sharp teeth. They will undoubtedly acquire a taste for human flesh.

So with a dwindling population of humans who are intent on eating each other, the crows must find a way to preserve their human food source. They will setup human cattle farms where men and women will be fed with processed lard. The women folk will be milked and the men slaughtered and eaten for the good of the mutated super-intelligent crows.

Although most scientists agree that the crow takeover is a very likely prediction and one that will almost certainly come to pass2. There is another slightly more convincing end-of-days scenario that could spell the end of civilisation as we know it… The alien apocalypse.

Nasty creatures with an unknowable agenda will take over, killing everything that gets in their way… Humans won’t know what hit them. Completely unprepared they will surely peril under the wrath of the invading creatures? But humans are adaptive and very capable survivalists. Perhaps they would find a way to stay alive.

But how would the aliens travel to Earth? And what would they look like? Would they have an agenda, or are they simply spreading their seed?

If they attacked, would man find a weakness, a way to protect himself? Perhaps one day defeat the invading life forms?

If you want to find the answers to these questions keep an eye on this space. The first part to my Alien Apocalypse series of short stories, The Storm, will be released soon through TWB Press.

P.S. It’s going to be scary.

1. Extensive research into ‘end of world scenarios’ referenced in this article may be exaggerated to the point of not existing at all and being totally made up by the author.  

2. ‘Scientists’ in the context of this article refers only to the author, who is in fact not a scientist at all. The quoted predictions are based mostly on watching bad films, and actually have nothing to do with science.

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