Aphelion Webzine of SF/F December 11 issue

Aphelion Webzine is a fanzine which publishes original science-fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction, poetry, and features. Aphelion has been going for nearly 14 years and is a fun site with a welcoming community of regulars.

Aphelion published my first story nearly a year ago and I received some excellent feedback from readers and fellow writers. Based on that, I was able to improve it and re-submit elsewhere.

It’s worth checking out for the short stories, long fiction, poetry, and features which include essays on writing, and other topics.

My short story ‘Biotic Crisis’ is available in this month’s edition. It’s a SF tale of The UN Discovery’s crew who make the long, slow trip to the asteroid belt in search of the source of the first indisputably artificial signal of non-human origin. What they find raises more questions than answers — and they inadvertently awake something strange and deadly.

For any hard SF fans out there, please take my warning that ‘Biotic Crisis’ is soft science fiction. The science elements are fun, but unlikely.

Anyway, check it out, it’s completely free and you may just discover an excellent website to add to your ‘favourites.’

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