The Technological Singularity / Ghost in the Machine / Guest Post with Olsen Jay Nelson

I was recently invited to write a guest blog with Olsen Jay Nelson. This time I talked about my novelette “Ghost in the Machine,” and the influence the hypothesised Technological Singularity had on my story.

The story is based around developing technologies that bring the human mind closer to the digital world. In the beginning the user/PC interface is reduced by using 3D environments and devices that stimulate the spine. This way the user actually feels the virtual world around him. The next step to this technology takes us even closer to the machine world.

I looked at the effect such technology might have on a normal guy, and if it would inherently change who he is. I believe the lure of power associated with the technology would cause unhealthy addictions if not managed properly. I mean, we’ve already seen it with addiction to online gaming, smart phones, etc. Imagine if you could transport yourself into the digital world and manipulate the environment around you. Imagine the possibilities for commercial companies. Adult sites would have a field day, create your own artificial woman/man, and have them do as you please! In the story these are called femware programmes and can be programmed with pictures, and basic personality traits.

It’s a frightening prospect and one that may even become a reality in the not too distant future!

You can read the complete blog post here:

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