D.A.V.E. by Dean Giles Published in Bewildering Stories

I’m pleased to say that my story, D.A.V.E., is now published in Bewildering Stories. You can read it for free by following this link: http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue460/dave1.html

Here is what Bewildering Stroies say about it:

DAVE” portrays an Artificial Intelligence designed to operate an interstellar colony ship. The name is ironic, of course; it’s the name of the human character in 2001: a Space Odyssey who disables the murderously deranged computer, HAL.

The “DAVE” in Dean’s story is HAL’s counterpart, and Simon is the man who must outwit the machine. While HAL goes crazy because science-fictional computers tend almost axiomatically to have a Frankenstein complex, DAVE has a plausible reason: he’ll go crazy if he doesn’t.

DAVEs are complex enough to develop personalities of their own as a kind of curious emergent property. But after all, DAVE is not human, and it thinks like a computer. There seems to be little point in getting mad at it; Simon might take pity on the lonely machine.

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