The Post-human Condition published in Jupiter Magazine issue 36: Sponde

It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this! but finally my short story, The Post-human Condition, was published in Jupiter SF Magazine.

In ‘Ghost in the Machine,’ a novelette published last year through TWB Press. I explored what it might be like when the interface between man and machine begins to blur. It is set in a world where it’s possible to connect to the digital world with a single thought.  If viewed on a timeline I would see this as the first step towards human – AI integration.

Using the same timeline, the Post-human Condition explores the final step. It is a world where humans have reached the point where they must upload their consciousness to be able to operate in society. The alternative is to become a discontinued part in super fast world.

You have a choice: digital consummation or exile.

The story is about a ship of exiles heading to a new world. It is their escape from digital consummation – the joining. They hope for nothing more than staring a new life with their humanity intact.

In essence the story is about a bond between two souls who took different paths. It’s about the human capacity to love and hate, and the indestructible power of our nature and creativity.

You can buy Jupiter magazine in print directly from the publisher:

Or in Kindle format: Amazon UK, Amazon US

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