A Review of Craig Jones’ Short Stories: ‘Gem, No Loose Ends,’ and ‘What Happened to Rhodri’

I loved this story. It has so many of my favourite things in it: A sexy lesbian vampire, the mob, plenty of action, and at least one massive explosion. I mean, what’s not to like?

Gem is a killer for the mafia. Her superior strength, speed, and agility make her the perfect hit-woman. When she is double-crossed by the very people who employ her, her vulnerabilities are out in the open. Only those who know what she is capable of are able to expose her weaknesses.

Gem needs more than just brawn to get even. She needs to use her cool… and other assets, to finish her mission

Gem is vampire – a sexy vampire. She is fast, she is strong, she is intimidating, and (it’s worth mentioning one more time) she is hot. But underneath the typical vampire killer she has a conscience. In essence Gem is one of the good guys which shines through in the story and gives her character an additional aspect of depth.

As well as creating a fun and strong cast of characters, Craig Jones manages to keep you peeled to the pages with high stakes and a surprisingly emotional tale.

Great short – 5 stars.


Check out the promotional video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=RnOAhvFCvz4#!


What Happened to Rhodri?

I can tell you a lot happened to the poor guy. For starters he gets dead pretty quickly. And man, is he pissed off about it. After his untimely ending, Rhodri lurches around in his own rotting corpse trying to find his girlfriend and get to the bottom of what happened to him.

Only, his dietary habits seem to have changed somewhat since his… accident, and he must try to resist the urge to feed.

Rhodri eventually finds his way back to his old life, friends and loved ones, only to discover that things aren’t as he imagined they were…

The thing I liked about this story, and what I believe sets it apart from other zombie books, is the sympathetic angle the story takes – it appears zombies aren’t always the bad guys.

If you like your horror with a twist then I highly recommend Craig Jones’ tale of revenge told from the point of view of a confused and angry dead chap.


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