A Review of Incurable by Brandy Cusack

Incurable is a horror story in a scifi world. Brandy Cusack sprinkles the science fiction elements throughout this story with practised ease. I felt drawn into the world created by the author. She also handles the horror elements very well. It is frank, and often horrific.

The story also has one of the best first lines I’ve read!

Most of the zombie-type stories I have read in the past have had a lighter feel to them where the violence is usually so over the top it tends towards the comical. Incurable is violent, but it seeps of darkness, hopelessness, and suffering. The relentless agony of the protagonist, Jesse, is a theme that is present throughout the story. It adds to the darkness of the tale and manages to take away any comical elements that might otherwise have been present. And it works all the better for it.

Incurable tells the story of a woman caught in a pandemic of gruesome proportions. The sheer numbers of sick people are threatening to collapse the health service. Cusack throws you into the dark world of Jesse as she tries to come to terms with her husband’s death, and her own unhealthy compulsions.

So, if you like your horror to leave you feeling… well, horrified, this is definitely for you. I enjoyed it for the SF aspects and the unusual approach to the zombie tale. It’s a story that certainly sticks in the mind.


You can find Brandy at her blog here: http://www.brandydecusack.blogspot.co.uk/

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