Some News of the ‘Good’ Variety

I got a couple of bits of good news recently. First up was an acceptance in Jupiter Magazine, which will be my second story published in the British SF magazine. It is scheduled for release in their April issue next year. Exactly a year after The Post-human Condition was published.

Secondly, I received an honourable mention from Writers of the Future contest. This is my third HM so at least I know it’s not a fluke! I just need to up my game if I’m going to take it further.

It’s amazing how much boost I’ve got from this. Just when I thought it was all going nowhere… This is why I like submitting to WotF contest. The way they structure the results promotes optimism for those who came close but don’t quite make the cut.

Likewise, I can’t believe my luck getting a second story published in Jupiter. This particular story is one of my favourites. It’s called Mad World and is about (yup you guessed it) a world that goes mad.

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