The End is Like Really Nigh

It’s four days until the end of the world and I am absolutely quaking in my boots. I haven’t bothered with my Christmas shopping this year. I haven’t done my tax return, haven’t renewed my car insurance. I mean, what’s the point? We’re all going to die is a few days. Thanks to those bloody Mayans and their crafty calendars.

I think I read somewhere* that archaeologists unearthed a Mayan artefact that finally revealed the extent of the coming apocalypse. It talks about a malevolent alien mind growing across our planet. It is a green, moss-like, acid that consumes everything it touches.

The Mayans predicted that this alien moss would use Earth’s DNA to replicate the biomass it had consumed. The final part of the Mayan artefact is missing, and so the purpose of the alien attack is still unclear.

Or is it?

The Alien Apocalypse series of novelettes by erm, me, will probably be the only thing you need to survive the coming apocalypse. Ignore it at your peril.

The books are published through TWB Press. Purchase information here:

* may be complete bollocks

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