The Weaver Published in Nebula Rift Magazine

I’m happy to announce my short story “The Weaver” has been published in Nebula Rift Magazine.

This is the first of two recent accepted stories. “The Quiet Death” will be published sometime soon by Stupefying Stories. Can’t wait for that one.

Here’s a short excerpt of “The Weaver”

I stood in the shadow of the Weaver and blinked against the distorted air surrounding its body of solid black flesh.

I tried to focus on The Real – riveted metallic walls and high ceilings of the disused aircraft hangar. In the far corner a rusted space shuttle sagged under its own weight, its belly flat against the floor. It looked tired, heartbroken even.

My muscles tightened as the creature shifted position. I clasped both hands across my swollen belly, instinctively protecting my unborn children. ‘Leave me alone,’ I shouted. My voice carried fierce feelings of anger, momentarily shadowing my terror.

I tried to discern where The Weaver’s mass separated from the impossible angles of the Other-real. Assaulted by vertigo, I teetered on the sheer face of the Otherverse – I’d never been so close before. Here, on the edge, my mind pulled and contorted against the incomprehensible spaces between realities. My sanity balanced dangerously close to a bottomless lake of madness.

You can buy the magazine in ebook or PDF format directly from the publisher:

The cover has some nice artwork as well. Check it out.

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